Our company has extensive experience providing mobile development and mobile applications.

It’s difficult to find an experienced technology partner in a new and emerging market. Mobile technology is taking center stage worldwide and more and more organizations are starting to focus on ways to reach more customers in a mobile arena. EnterTEK has extensive experience providing mobile development and mobile applications that have raised communication between customers, consumers and prospects to a whole new level.

Even if it may be easy to devise an idea for a mobile application, it's even harder to construct a "good experience". With as many phones and handhelds that are out there, they share very few characteristics in common. Each phone has varying screen resolutions, processor speeds, touch-screen, no touch-screen and a lack of guaranteed connectivity that present a set of challenges EnterTEK is used to dealing with.

We understand how to work around these different challenges due to our team's extensive mobile application development experience with some of the industry's leading platforms including:
  • IOS

    iOS3 (iPhone) & iOS4 (iPhone 4 and iPhone 4G)

    Apple has one of the largest segments in the mobile market place. We have built several mobile apps for both the iPhone and iPad using their inherent features such as the multi-touch interface on the iPad, location-based services and BlueTooth accessibility.

    More about iPad App development

    More about iPhone App development
  • Android


    Utilizing the Google Android SDK platform, our developers can uncover the seemingly endless possibilities of Android's comprehensive set of development tools. From gaming software and learning games to media players and task organizers.

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  • Blackberry


    Utilizing RIM's proprietary APIs to develop Java applications for BlackBerry, we maximize touch capabilities and device-shifting modes to deliver scalable, user-friendly apps for BlackBerry.

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  • Windows


    The Windows Mobile platform is basically a compact version of any desktop or laptop's Windows version. With the power of a desktop OS in a handheld device, our developers can effectively build a scalable solution from a variety of existing options and Microsoft libraries.

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If you already have an app that needs some teaks/upgrades, or you think you have the next "big thing", EnterTEK's Mobile Applications Development Team is at your service.

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